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"Life is not a race to be won, but there for humanity to take part,

Each step, a journey, your pace."

Rainbow of Promise

Elizabeth Shane's Biography

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Elizabeth Shane is an author, poet, mother, community volunteer, survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA).

Before writing her first book, 'Silhouette of a Songbird’, Elizabeth had never read or written any poetry. Her previous counsellor suggested finding a hobby as an outlet which Elizabeth did somewhat reluctantly, joining a community choir. To her surprise, singing in choir had such a positive impact on her mental health, it encouraged Elizabeth to try other creative avenues taking up singing lessons, drama and creative writing to help improve her lack of confidence. With encouragement and support from her drama teacher, Elizabeth began to explore poetry as a creative tool to express all the bottled-up feelings, anger and pain she struggled to articulate as a child through to adulthood.

As well as giving talks about her lived experiences, supporting charities and organisations through writing, podcasts and speaking engagements, Elizabeth received letters from members of the Royal Family in response to offering her book for their charitable causes. Elizabeth uses her poetry to give strength and hope for all those who are searching to make sense of a traumatic past, to empower others to have a voice and right to be heard. She continues to raise awareness of the complexities and impact of childhood trauma to break the stigma and silence around difficult conversations, including the benefits of creative arts.

Elizabeth also loves to explore the humorous side of day to day living, writing comedic verse as a way of navigating some of life's trials and tribulations, with her new book, A Poet’s View of Life, Laughter and a Little Dash of Mischief.

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